09:30 - Jérôme Kunegis, Pawan Kumar, Jun Sun and Giuseppe Pirrò - SynGraphy: Succinct Summarisation of Large Networks via Small Synthetic Representative Graphs

09:50 - Malbor Asllani and Timoteo Carletti - Topological resilience in non-normal networked systems

10:10 - Leto Peel - Beyond networks: Incorporating node metadata into network analysis

10:30 - Coffee break

11:00 - Yerali Gandica, Marco Valerio Geraci, Sophie Béreau and Jean-Yves Gnabo - Financial institutions’ vulnerability: assessing the role of intra and inter-community dependences

11:20 - Viviana Marcela Viña Cervantes, Renaud Lambiotte and Michele Coscia - The Struggle for Existence in the World Market Ecosystem

11:40 - Benjamin Chiêm, Frédéric Crevecoeur and Jean-Charles Delvenne - Kernel methods for supervised classification of structural brain networks

12:00 - Javier Rasero, Jesus M Cortes, Daniele Marinazzo and Sebastiano Stramaglia - Consensus clustering approach to group brain connectivity matrices

12:20 - lunch - posters

14:00 - Keynote speaker - Yamir Moreno - Multilayer networks: from disease spreading to ecosystems

15:00 - Pietro Coletti, Giancarlo De Luca, Kim Van Kerckhove, Chiara Poletto, Niel Hens and Vittoria Colizza - Regular school closure & influenza epidemics: a data-driven spatial transmission model for Belgium

15:20 - coffee - posters

16:20 - Jef Vlegels - Exploring the impact of geographical distance on research contracted to universities: a social network approach

16:40 - Alexey Medvedev and Renaud Lambiotte - Predicting structure and dynamics of discussion threads in online boards using Hawkes processes

17:00 - Vsevolod Salnikov, Daniele Cassese and Renaud Lambiotte - Concepts co-occurrence for the identification of higher order concepts in Mathematics articles

17:20 - drinks - posters - networking


Matteo Cinelli - Rich-club ordering and the dyadic effect: Two interrelated phenomena

Andres M. Belaza, Jan Ryckebusch, Kevin Hoefman, Aaron Bramson, Milan Van den Heuvel, Koen Schoors and Corneel Casert - Statistical physics of balance theory

Alexandre Leroux and Matteo Gagliolo - Political echo chambers on Belgian Facebook pages

Marco Alberto Javarone and Daniele Marinazzo - Community Stability in Heterogeneous Networks

Sebastiano Stramaglia, Luca Faes and Daniele Marinazzo - Synergetic and redundant information flow in dynamical systems: an operative definition based on prediction

Timoteo Carletti, Malbor Asslani, Francesca Di Patti, Duccio Fanelli and Francesco Piazza - Crawling in crowed conditions. Application to network reconstruction

Leonardo Gutierrez Gomez, Benjamin Chiêm and Jean-Charles Delvenne - Dynamics Based Features For Network Classification

Julie Birkholz - Agents of change: women editors and socio-cultural transformation in Europe, 1710-1920

Aaron Bramson and Benjamin Vandermarliere - Benchmarking measures of network influence

Simona Paraschiv, Leontina Banica, Ionelia Nicolae, Iulia Niculescu, Adrian Abagiu, Raluca Jipa, Andrea-Clemencia Pineda-Peña, Marta Pingarilho, Emil Neaga, Kristof Theys, Pieter Libin, Dan Otelea and Ana Abecasis - Epidemic dispersion of HIV and HCV in a population of co-infected Romanian injecting drug users

Riccardo Muolo, Malbor Asllani, Timoteo Carletti and Duccio Fanelli - Turing pattern formation on non-normal networks

Emilien Paulis, Matteo Gagliolo and Emilie van Haute - Social influence and participatory behaviors: the diffusion of political participation through social networks

Hannelore Aerts, Michael Schirner, Ben Jeurissen, Dirk Van Roost, Rik Achten, Petra Ritter and Daniele Marinazzo - Modeling brain dynamics in brain tumor patients using The Virtual Brain

Alexandre Bovet and Hernan Makse - Dynamics of Twitter Opinion During the US 2016 Presidential Election

Dimiter Prodanov - Fractional diffusion in the brain